Developing business together

Services provided by Flotec laboratory specialists:

  • Laboratory research on the beneficiation of various types of minerals.
  • Laboratory research on the beneficiation of technogenic industrial tails.
  • Development of technologies for flotation beneficiation for various types of ores.
  • Laboratory studies using various beneficiation methods - flotation, gravity, magnetic separation, etc.
  • Solving complex technological problems. Laboratory studies aimed at increasing the recovery of valuable components in the final concentrate, improving the quality of the concentrate, reducing harmful impurities in the concentrate.
  • Flotation laboratory studies using modern effective flotation reagents for the further use of the developed technologies in the production process of concentrators in order to improve technological performance and reduce the operating costs of concentrators.

Laboratory equipment

The main direction of the research work of the Flotec laboratory is the flotation beneficiation of minerals. The laboratory is equipped with all the necessary equipment for conducting research on flotation. 

The research laboratory is equipped with equipment for the following works:
  • preparation of representative samples of the original ore for research, including on a rotary sample divider;
  • grinding crushed ore in a ball or rod mill;
  • carrying out flotation experiments on mechanical and pneumomechanical flotation machines;
  • carrying out experiments on gravitational beneficiation on a centrifugal concentrator and a concentration table;
  • carrying out granulometric analysis of crushed ore and beneficiation products on a vibrating sieve analyzer;
  • filtering samples with a vacuum filter;
  • drying samples in an oven;
  • preparation of samples for chemical analysis.

Flotation of sulfide and oxide copper minerals

Flotation of sulfide and oxide copper minerals (Flotec LLC)

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