Dala Mining LLP (2010)

Copper-molybdenum ores
Development of beneficiation technology of complex copper-molybdenum ores resulting in the generation of molybdenum, copper, bismuth-containing and pyrite concentrates.
Significantly improved beneficiation parameters compared to traditional solutions.

Aktyubinsk Copper Company LLC (2011)

Copper and copper-zinc ores
Copper and zinc ore concentrator plant: Optimization of flotation reagent regime. Pilot testing. Generation of saleable zinc concentrate.
Copper ore concentrator plant: Development of flotation beneficiation technology of copper pirrhotite-containing ore.

Kazakhmys PLC (2013)

Copper-zinc ores
Development of a new selective beneficiation technology for copper-zinc ore allowing to exclude lime usage. Significantly improved beneficiation parameters compared to research studies conducted previously.

Kola MMC (Norilsk Nickel Group) (2014)

Copper-nickel ores
1. Conducted research on MgO reduction at the copper-nickel concentrate. Developed a new beneficiation technology for the copper-nickel ores with generation of collective copper-nickel concentrate with a low MgO containing.
2. Developed a flowsheet for a concentrator plant flotation sector reconstruction.

Kazakhmys PLC (2016)

Copper ores
Conducted research on flotation of a number of ore types from two copper mines. Identified effective flotation reagents.

Baikal Mining Company LLC (2017)

Copper ores
Technological advisory of the pilot testing of copper ore beneficiation of the Udokansky deposit. Optimized the flotation flowsheet and reagent regime. Reached high beneficiation parameters of the oxidized copper ores.

Baikal Mining Company LLC (2019-2020)

Copper ores
Laboratory research on flotation beneficiation of oxide and mixed copper ores aimed on project technology parameters improvement.

Nordinves LLC (2020-2021)

Copper-nickel ores
Laboratory research on optimization of beneficiation technology of copper-nickel tails.

Udokan Copper LLC (2021)

Copper ores
Semi-industrial pilot tests of the collective flotation cycle in the processing of mixed and oxidized copper ores of the Udokan deposit.